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Diagnosis and treatment of general surgical, peritoneal cavity and abdominal wall diseases.

When communicating with patients, we notice that there is a certain area of health disorders that is neglected at the beginning of symptoms. We are talking about clogged skin pores, pimples, abscesses, etc. caused by ingrown hair. We often try to remove them ourselves, but this is very dangerous, because you risk causing even more serious health problems - infections, inflammation, fever, pain, difficult-to-correct aesthetic appearance of the skin. In such and similar cases, consultation with a doctor-surgeon is necessary.

"Klinika Baltija" doctors and surgeons diagnose and treat general surgical diseases: extremely common cases of ingrown nails, sweat gland inflammations, rosacea, various skin and subcutaneous infections, skin abscesses, wounds that appeared/formed due to various reasons, canker sores, malignancies, other skin formations .

Doctors consult on the need for reconstructive surgical treatment of various hernias, organs of the abdominal cavity, muscle diathesis, abdominal wall.

Surgery is an interventional field of medicine, so professional surgeons perform not only a detailed examination, counseling, and treatment, but also plan a further necessary procedure, an operation.

The clinic provides surgical services:

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