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Abdominal organs, thyroid gland, neck tissues and neck trunk vessels, breasts, etc. echoscopies

Echoscopy (ultrasound) is a method of imaging internal organs. It uses high-frequency sound waves. After hitting the tissue or liquid, the waves are reflected and returned to the sensor, where they are converted into pulses and an image. Non-invasive examination, provides an opportunity to observe structural changes in tissues and internal organs. Diagnostically, echoscopy helps to determine the structure of organs and their parts, condition changes, existing diseases, and a lot of information is obtained about tissue density, structure, and spatial position. The examination shows foreign bodies debilitating the body, formed tumors, gallstones and kidney stones, cysts.

We are proud that "Klinika Baltija" can provide its patients with ultrasound examinations performed by one of the best ultrasound doctors in the country. University clinics completely rely on her. Specialists working here often joke that echoscopies performed by this doctor are equivalent to CT scans.

Ultrasound services provided at the clinic:

Advantages of ultrasound examination:

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